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Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick | Click for Shades


Brand: Gerard Cosmetics

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In a sea of endless lipsticks Gerard Cosmetics strive to take your essentials and infuse them with glam and an innovative twist that has never been seen before!

- Matte pigmented formula that goes on velvety smooth

- Cushiony finish with long-lasting comfort

- Best-seller inspired by the neutral hues of the 90s

- Long wearing, liquid to matte formula


Shade Descriptions:


California's most iconic zip code translated into a colour. The perfect red brown neutral in our famous hydra matte liquid lipstick formula.


The innocence of the flesh before the fall of Eden. This liquid lipstick is Original Sin personified. A fresh nude tone with blush and peach hues make this a gorgeous colour for everyday, or to complement a more dramatic eye look.


Goddess of love and beauty inspired is this sensual nude shade. Be comfortable in your own skin and embrace your inner goddess with this Hydra-Matte liquid lipstick. Opaque and matte but with a comfortable burst of moisture so you can wear this lip colour for hours.


A graceful pink nude with slight peach tones. Inspired by the satin slippers of elegant ballerinas. Slip this color on your lips, its demure but stunning The comfortable wear will make it your go-to feminine hue.


Want to add some flavor to your lip collection? This rich, full-bodied brown goes on smooth and looks mouth-watering on a wide variety of skin tones.


Be the envy of the crowd with the perfect hot pink.


A color inspired by our favorite cocktail. raspberry vodka, chambord, fresh berries and sugar on the rim. An effervescent Hydra matte that is intoxicating as can be.


Be the envy of the crowd with the perfect hot pink.


This euphoric, mind altering hue will make you happy every time you wear it. Purple and neutral undertones make this Hydra Matte liquid lipstick a unique but beautiful choice for your go-to lip color.


This color will be a backstage hit. A little bit of rock n roll with lots of glamour. A pretty maroon shade with subtle sparkle. Featuring our iconic hydra matte formula. Liquid to matte without drying out your pout.


Could there be anything more blissful than this perfect dusty-rose shade? We think not.


A decadent and creamy light brown that reminds us of one of our favourite beverages. Swipe it on for daytime glam. It's a long-wearing formula that we wear over our daily cup of joe. You'll adore the moisturizing and pigmented formula.


Everlasting and haunting. A blood-red that will pull them in and take hold. Wear it on a late night for a truly striking element of your makeup look. Moisturising but long-wearing with a fully opaque finish.


A captivating grey-toned liquid lipstick that is aggressively bold, but a colour you'll let invade your makeup space. Matte but with a velvety finish that is comfortable and cushion-smooth. Surrender to this one of a kind shade.


A classic mauve rose that captures the iconic feel of New York. Class it up with this chic hue.


A decadent and rich brown toned liquid lip that will give your look a sultry sophistication.


No one does nudes better than GC and this is the colour that put us on the map. A perfect balance of pink, beige and peach create our colour Nude, now in liquid lipstick form so you can have opaque coverage and long-wear in one swipe.


People went wild for the plum crazy gloss so Gerard Cosmetics have created a liquid lipstick version with the richness and opaque coverage that does this colour justice. Add a coat for plum crazy gloss of this matte lippie for lips that do all the talking.


The perfect wearable red. Not too bright or bold, a universally flattering shade.


There's no place like home. Embrace a classically beautiful look with our liquid to matte red with an infusion of sparkling glitter for a truly unique and dazzling effect.


A fine balance of red and rust collide to create the perfect Fall shade. This color will look gorgeous on all skin tones.


Serenity is a beautiful warm pink, with hints of brown, a very comfortable non-drying matte formula that feels as if there is nothing on your lips! This colour was named after a big inspiration of mine growing up; Sailor Moon. Yes I know its a children’s Japanese anime but it was one of the first shows that I ever saw that portrayed a powerful woman who goes from a dorky school girl to a crime fighting vixen and that really resonated with me! It takes me to a place of serenity in the same way that makeup does.


What can we say, life's just better nude! Dress up (or down) your look - without looking bare - with this perfect beige toned neutral pink. Sultry with an infusion of innocence.


A juicy red that takes us away to a peaceful and sunny place. A fabulous option for people who want to rock a more toned down red.What can we say, life's just better nude! Dress up (or down) your look - without looking bare - with this perfect beige toned neutral pink. Sultry with an infusion of innocence.


A pop of pink. A burst of bright has been added to this super girly colour.


We transformed one of our top-selling gold bullets into a hydra matte. A pretty pink with a hint of mauve


A bright and girly creamsicle coral. This color is our go-to for a beach day or vacation. Vibrant and fun, this will be a staple for the warm weather ahead.


A relaxed and ravishing red wine hue that is an effortless way to rock color. Wear it with a neutral or smokey eye depending on your mood. This color will suit every skin tone under the moon.

Cruelty Free - Gluten Free

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